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Welcome to Virtual Riga – the official city guide of the Latvian capital – Riga. Virtual Riga provides top quality tourist information about Riga, including summary of the latest events, option to book hotel in Riga and much more.
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Restorāns Livonija

Livonija returns you to the Middle Ages in Latvia.

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Ethnographical Open-Air Museum


About the history and development of crafts, technologies and traditions

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Birch sap

libertu.dzirkstosais.vins (1)
Birch Tree Sap – a traditional Latvian drink in a springtime.
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“The Castle of Light”


Riga’s biggest construction project is under way right now.

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Husky Farm & Racing Team

It is a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy breathtaking rides with husky dog sledding. This opportunity is offered both in winter and at snowless conditions. Attn:Ā Rides do not take place if the air temperature is above +10 C.

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Riga – city of beautiful women

Every year Blonde women from all over Latvia come to Riga and take part in the “Parade of Blondes”. According to foreign tourists Riga is not only the small Paris or city of parks. It is also a city of beautiful women.

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