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What to See

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Riga is an attractive and wonderful place to visit. The city’s history, architecture and people are attracting tourists from all around the world. Riga is famous for many cultural activities, including the international festival of Organ music and the festival of Ballet. An international childrens music festival attracts visitors from many countries world wide. As Germans have their October-fest and Brasilians celebrate their Great Carneval, the people of Riga and Latvia gather every June to celebrate the summer solstice festival with camp-fires, special cheese, beer and lots of singing.
An unforgettable experience for anyone, the Latvian song and dance festival is staged once very four years. The main event – an open-air concert with literarry thousands of choir members performing beloved Latvian music.
Should you miss these major events, don’t worry, there are countless places to visit, museums, art galleries, amber shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants, densely scattered all around the city.
One specific thing you absolutely must see is Riga’s open air market place. Grown from a garage for German Zeppelins to become what was once the largest market in Europe.