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Tours and activities

There is plenty to do and see in Riga.
Therefore we recommend you to take some of the organised tours and activities (below) in order to see as much as possible during your visit and to spend your time in the Latvian capital as effectively as possible.



Who can fly?
Nearly everybody. If you are of good physical health, aged from 5 to 75 years, weighing from 20 to 100 kilograms, not taller than 2 metres, and dreaming of flying, then you are more than welcome to visit us, in order to get closer to achieving your dream.

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luzumpunkts - virves

High Ropes courses

High Ropes course is an adventure organization "Luzumpunkts" made ropepark, operating since 2008 august. This park was created to be an effective method for team building and cooperation trainings, run by experienced trainers.

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Bus tour with excellent individual head phoned guiding in 8 languages- Swedish, Finish, English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Norwegian. Bus will take you directly to the boat. Old Town walking tour acquaints you with the romance of Medieval Ages, the merchants and craftsmen town, founded more than 800 years ago.

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Riga Sightseeing

Bus Tours „Riga Sightseeing” with the yellow open top double-decker buses – cabriolets, is the best and cheapest way to explore the main sights and attractions of the capital city of Latvia. The tour duration is 90 minutes and it is provided by the multilingual audio guide in: English, Latvian, Russian, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, French, German, Italian and Spanish languages.

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You get inside the ball through the lateral openings, and after you’ve been thoroughly fastened with special belts to its surface, you start a breathtaking roll down from a hill. The roll down becomes even more exciting since the ball is totally transparent. You can’t imagine the feeling… the earth... the sky, the earth... the sky…

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BUNGEE JUMPING we organize from 43m high areal cable car. The beautiful landmark in National park over Gauja river makes this experience very special. You have a possibility to capture your fear, your jump and your joy in a high-quality video.

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Now, shooting range on A .Čaka Street 57 also offer archery! Reveal yourself as a medieval warrior Robin Hood! Enjoyable experience for all …
Air rifle range for all shooting enthusiasts – hunters, sportsmen, professionals, amateurs and children. For everyone!
A choice of seven types of weapons and a variety of targets.

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Vučko, Green frog and summer Bobsleigh Sled

Vučko (Bobsleigh Sled) rides are very popular with people. It is now possible to enjoy the ride with the GREEN FROG (Skeleton Sled). It goes 70 km / h.Thrilling ride with a summer bob will be remembered as one of the best adventures of your life.

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Adventure Park Tarzan

Toboggan track, family velomobiles, catapult, archery, pirate track, climbing wall, go-kart and CHILDREN’S ATVS.

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Recreational park "Rāmkalni"

Skiing track,  longest rodel track, real electro cars for small drivers, EXCITING BUNGEES, Zorbing and Latvian Zorbing, flying chair, observatory, boat and bike rent, docks for boats, bistro/pub.

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LIDO Recreation Centre

It is one of the most attractive public catering enterprises in the world and one of the most favourite places of family recreation in Riga.
The Room of Cannons, the Tower, car rental, airplane carousel, bungee jumping, velocar, trampolines, inflatable climbing wall, the king of cans, swirl carousel, the little train, inflatable attractions, horse and pony rides, water balls, interactive shooting gallery, the small panoramic wheel, "Little Horses" Merry-Go-Round, skating rink.

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Husky Farm & Racing Team

Before you come, please make an appointment by phone: 29618718 (Jānis)
Attn: Rides do not take place if the air temperature is above +10 C.
It is a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy breathtaking rides with husky dog sledding. This opportunity is offered both in winter and at snowless conditions.

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Being in the heart of Riga - in the Old city, you have a unique possibility to look city architecture moving on Electrobus through narrow city streets. It follows a certain route and will present you with most interesting and beautiful old town attractions and its history. During journey there is a possibility to hear the information of history of the Old city in 8 languages – Latvian, English, Russian and etc.

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On this relaxing Tour through the city, you’ll gain an overview of the fascinating historic centre of Riga. On an open-top RIGA PANORAMA Tour you can get above the crowds and discover fantastic views of the city’s landmarks. The onboard commentary will give you the background to fully enjoy the sights.

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Livonian Order Sigulda Castle

Originally built eight centuries ago, the castle reopened it’s walls to visitors in 2012 and now encourages everyone to step back in time and enjoy the surroundings that bore witness to many historical events.
Find more information about Medieval activities in Livonian Order Sigulda Castle here!

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Turaida Medieval Castle

Most of visitors consider Turaida brick castle as main dominance of Museum Reserve and its visually most impressive element. When looking down from hot air baloon or in autumn eventide in the sunset beams from the oposit bank of the river Gauja in Sigulda, Turaida castle rises above green foliage of trees like mighty ship built of red brick.
WWW: www.turaida-muzejs.lv

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Rundale Palace Museum

The Rundāle Palace Museum organizes exhibitions on various themes related to the history of the palace, the Dukes of Courland (the Biron dynasty), Latvian art from early periods, decorative art and garden art as well as themes related to the history of civilization such as different aspects of daily life and festivities.

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Rumba – the widest waterfall in Europe

The proud of Kuldiga is the fascinating Waterfall Rumba – the widest waterfall in Europe (249m). The highest waterfall in Latvia on the River Alek upīte (4,5 m) is also situated here. One of the widest brick bridges in Europe has always attracted the visitors of Kuldiga. It was built in 1874 over the River Venta.

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Tourist and leisure complex "Leiputrija"

Leiputrija is quiet and cozy family-ran campsite, guesthouse and leisure complex. It is perfectly situated for those visiting Riga, Baltic seaside and even Sigulda city: almost on crossroads of two major highways of Latvia, only 23 km from capital Riga, meanwhile in scenic and quiet countryside, in bank of Latvia’s longest river Gauja.

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