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Where to stay

If you are looking for accommodation in Riga, there are three main options: hotels, hostels and apartment rental. Almost all hotels in Riga are comparatively new – renovated or built during the last 10-20 years. Before 1991 when Latvia was part of the USSR, foreign tourists rarely came to Riga. Most of them stayed in the Hotel “Riga” and “Latvija” – rooms in both hotels were bugged by the KGB.
Today the situation is different. Latvia is a free country. The tourism industry is booming and the number of places to stay in Riga has skyrocketed.
It must be noted that since the beginning of the economic Crisis in Europe, the prices of hotel rooms in Riga have dropped considerably.
Many foreigners are surprised at the high quality of accommodation in Riga. Some of Riga hotels are in the World’s top ten in their class.