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Berga Bazāra Centrs

On the second and fourth Saturday of each month, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., the Bergs Bazaar is home to the only covered outdoor antique market in Riga, offering antiques, unique Latvian arts and crafts and a variety of other fascinating souvenirs from the past.

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Handmade candy."SWEET AMBER" is a candy that look like a real amber. Every candy, just like real one is uniquely shaped. It's made using only natural ingredients. Have a little taste of happiness!

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Laima is the most famous confectionery brand name in the Baltic, representing the history of Latvian sweets industry throughout several centuries. Recently, Laima together with young and old chocolate fans celebrated its 140th anniversary – Laima is the Latvian sweets legend, successfully combining historical heritage with innovations.

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Pampāļu pots

Handmade.Traditional pottery from Kurzeme combined with the highly original addition of peat bog plant roots make these creations unique. They are functional design objects - works of art with a practical use for both special occasions and day - to day life.
Phone: +371 29144815

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Handmade. MARLEO BIO produced forms soapes, creams, wooden balls, Scrubs.
Purchases are delivered by mail or by courier.
The shipment costs depend on the package weight and destination country.
Please write to  marleo@inbox.lv, MARLEO BIO will respond within two working days.

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Handmade. A wide and varied selection of painted neckties, scarves, shawls, kerchiefs, blouses, dresses and other textiles made of silk, chiffon, linen, cotton as well as other fabrics, covered with permanent, professional textile colours.
It is possible to order or buy bandicrafts by calling the following phone number to arrange a meeting.

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Spoon Factory

In Spoon Factory you will be able to watch how many beautiful, practical household objects are made from simple perhaps from  even worthless wood. We offer to watch how spoons, shovels for frying-pan, butter knifes, cutting boards etc.objects are made. They all are handmade.
We have thought about those, who want to take part in spoon making process.

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Handmade. Innovative kitchen towels and aprons (the so called „dressy-towels”), tablecloths, sweet, small sacks for onions, and ending with fabric bags (with embroidery and felt decorations) and scarves combining airy chiffon and warm wool. ArGaumi is situated in Livani (Latgale, Latvia). You can place an order of our production from any place in Latvia or World.

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Honey room

Taste real Latvian honey and find out how it is made!
As you enjoy the taste of the honey, take a look at the unique 17th century baroque ceiling frescoes. Take a moment to sense the passing of the centuries as you touch the 16th century brickwork.

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Amatnieku parks

Handmade. In the shop "Amatnieku Parks" you can buy various products of the Latvian craftsmen - made of wood, metal and clay. You can buy souvenirs and artwork here.

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Designed and made by local designers, these wares, which epitomise design principles rooted in a fusion of traditional Latvian craftsmanship with a contemporary world view, are ITEMS whose charm will define the personality and aura of your home.

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Ceramics House of Polikarp Chernavsky

- demonstration of pot making on the potters wheel
- try out making pots yourself (you may take away your results).
- selling of ceramics or other souvenirs
- making customized ceramics on you commission (delivery by mail)

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Skriveru gotina

It is handmade of high quality whole milk and sugar, then boiled in high temperature until brown caramel color and thick mass is gotten. With added small portion of vanillin - the exceptional aroma of milk caramel is ready for processing into candies. Each candy is wrapped into etiquette by hands. It's handmade product made with love.
Skriveru saldumi offers more than 10 different kinds of "Skriveru gotina".

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Ancient Baltic Jewelry

Handmade. Museum & Shop
In ancient times jewelry was used not only to fasten together clothes, but it was also  an indicator of  the owner`s social status and ethnicity belonging.
But how did the people of Riga adorn themselves 800 years ago and earlier? What does jewelry tell us about the time before the city of Riga?

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MAGONĪTE ... is a herbal shop (teahouse) offering a diverse eco-products: teas, house wines, healthy snacks, candies, cosmetics - eco soap, bath milk, bath scrubs and meadow flower shower trays.

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Products made in Latvia: presents, health items, food, snacks, sweets, drinks, cosmetics, household items.

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Riga soap manufacture

The assortmant of the company is absolutely handmade. It helps to join the careful attitude to every unit of products and the unique variety of the wares. If a product is packed in a special box with labels it is also the result of the individual working. The assortment: aromatic soap with natural oils, creams and herbs, bath balls and the sea salt, the aromatic dry milk with natural oil for baths etc.

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Unlike other breads, Lāči bread is baked according to ancient Latvian bread baking traditions and only from quality and natural ingredients. Without any preservatives.
The bread yeast and each loaf of bread are manually made by an experienced bread baker.As per ancient traditions, Lāči bread is only baked on a hearth in a real brick oven heated by wood - and on a stone surface.

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Birch sap

Every spring many Latvians produce their own birch sap. Usualy a local birch tree is used for this purpose.
Linards Liberts has put it on industrial scale. He is producing fresh birch sap, fermented birch sap lemonade, tasty birch sap syrup, birch sap wine, and frozen birch sap (for cosmetic and beverage industries).
Linards Liberts is also organizing sight-seeing tours to his birch sap wine cellar. He will show you and tell you everything about birch sap. Tourists can also taste and buy sweet syrup, fresh birch sap, different wines, sparkling wine.

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Saulgrieze is a crafts shop where you can buy products made by people with disabilities.
You can buy the following hand-made products: knitting, crochets, jewelry, basketry and other hand crafts.

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Juglas vārti

Handmade. In the market “Juglas vārti” you can buy various products of the Latvian craftsmen – made of wood, metal and glass. You can buy souvenirs and artwork here.

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