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Bike rental

Riga City Council’s cycling routes




Rent price: from LVL 6 per day.
Bike security payment (refundable): 20 Ls + an other assurance, or 150 Ls.
After renting a bicycle, Gandrs offers to leave your car at Gandrs guarded parking lot in Kalnciema street 28 free of charge and without other security. After renting the bike, you may choose where to return it – in Riga, Kalnciema street 28 or in Riga, TP Alfa, Brivibas str. 372, or in Valmiera, TC Valleta, Rigas str. 4.

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PRICES: Bike rent from LVL 3 per 2 hours. Each next hour will cost you only 1 Ls. Price for 24 hours is  LVL 8. Each next day will cost LVL 5.
As it is not possible to insure bicycles in Latvia Renter is carrying full responsibility for the return bikes in the same condition as they were before the ride. Bikes are rented against waranty deposit of 100 Ls in cash or the same amount can be authorized by using credit card (the same as car rentals).

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