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1. Get a birds eye view of Riga: :

2. Go to virtual excursion to see 3D models of Old Riga architecture.
3. Watch the 360-degrees virtual panoramas of Riga in winter and summer.



Historically, Daugavmala (Daugava banks) has always been a popular relaxation place for Riga people. The most popular event held in Daugavmala was the annual celebration of the summer solstice.

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Bastejkalns is a nice and quiet park in the very center of Riga. It was formed in the 19th century after tearing down city bulwarks. On the one side of Bastejkalns you will find the Liberty monument, while on the other -Blaumanis sculpture.

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Minolta DSC

Riga TV Tower

Television Tower of Riga is the highest building in the region and third highest TV tower in Europe. Built in 1980s, it is 368,00 m (1,207.33 ft) above the sea level.This is 3 m higher than the famous Berlin TV tower or 47 m higher than the Eiffel tower in Paris.

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Bridges over Daugava

Now there are 5 bridges over Daugava river in Riga: Railway bridge (Dzelzceļa tilts); "Stone" bridge (Akmens tilts); Shroud Bridge (VanŔu tilts); Salu Bridge (Salu tilts); Southern Bridge (Dienvidu tilts).

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St.Peterā€™s Church

Now you can use an elevator till height of 72 m, and have a nice birdā€™s eye view of Riga from the observation platform. You can visit this church to see some exhibitions or to enjoy concerts, as well.
WWW: http://peterbaznica.riga.lv/

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Latvian Academy of Sciences

The building of the Academy of Sciences of Latvia was initially designed to house a center of agricultural education and a hotel. Yet after construction was completed the Academy of Sciences moved in. The height of the buildings tower was designed so that it correlates with the traditional skyline of Riga. Tourists can visit the building and enjoy a magnificent view of Riga from the 17th floor, which is 65 m above the ground.

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