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Riga History and Navigation Museum

Riga History and Navigation MuseumRiga History and Navigation Museum was founded in 1773. It is one of the largest and the oldest museums in Latvia, as well in the Baltic states. The number of items kept in the repository exceeds 500 thousand and they are of great cultural-historical and artistic value.
The Museum compiles materials and gathers information on history of Riga city and history of Latvian navigation. It is situated in a building of Riga Dome Ensemble, which is an architectural monument of the 13th century.
The repository of Riga History and Navigation Museum and the exposition halls present numerous of unique exhibits, interesting for Latvian and other countries’ researchers.
The Museum has several branches, specialising in different fields of Riga city and Latvian navigation history. The History Museum of Photography covers the history and development of photography; the Menzendorf’s House: The house – museum of the 17th- 18th century Riga citizen gives an insight in the house and mode of life of Riga’s wealthy burghers, as well as collects, compiles and investigates materials about the building of the museum, its former owners, the life style of Riga inhabitants and history of German-Baltic culture.

Palasta iela 4, Riga

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