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Usma Church in the Open-Air Museum

Церковь Usma в Открытом Музее

Lutheran church built in 1704 near the lake of Usma (close to Kuldiga town) was moved to Open-Air Museum in 1935. The church has been rebuilt and renovated several times, organ was made by Kreslinsh, organ craftsman from Jekabpils, in 1860.
There is a pillory and a punishment equipment near the church – it was a characteristic feature till the second part of the 19th century that the mentioned things were placed near churches.
Usma church is a prominent monument of Kurzeme district, the painting of the ceiling is one of a few, left from the great number of decorative church paintings in Courland (Latvian: Kurzeme).
FOTO: virmus.com
 Церковь Usma в Открытом Музее  Церковь Usma в Открытом Музее