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Address: 3 A.Pumpura , Riga
Biscuit restorāns
E-mail: info@restorans-biscuit.lv
Phone: Ā 67799222
Phone:Ā  27229222
Working time:
M.-T. 11:00-23:00,
F.-S. – 11:00-24:00,
Sun. – 11:00-23:00
In the menu of restaurant it is possible to find the best dishes from all over Europe and a few dishes from more distant places. And, although the Italian cuisine prevails, it will be the too wide choice of dishes that will become a problem for gourmets, rather than its absence. The ability to make dishes very delicious depends not only from skills of a cook, but also from food products freshness, their origin, environment in that they were grown; therefore, many ingredients are brought from very distant countries. For example, soft and tender beef filet is delivered from Argentina, Ribeye steak is delivered from the USA, and greater amount of fish and marine products – from the depths of Mediterranean Sea. Pastes, risotto, focaccia and pizzas are in the wide assortment. To the real gourmets we advise to taste carpaccio from the Argentinean beef, so refined and tender, that simply melts in your mouth, and also a tuna tartare with mango and salmon caviar. In addition, the soup admirers surely should order pumpkin cream-soup with tiger shrimps or flavoured soup from tomatoes with marine products. Many entrees are prepared both on a frying pan and on an open fire at guestā€™s pleasure. To those who are acquainted with the cultures of different countries it is highly advisable to taste scallops with an asparagus and creamy sauce or fried black cod with rice and vegetables. And to true connoisseurs we advise to taste a duck breast with a fig, lamb rack with vegetable ratatouille or quail pate with a sauce from feijoa.