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daugavmalaHistorically, Daugavmala (Daugava banks) has always been a popular relaxation place for Riga people. The most popular event held in Daugavmala was the annual celebration of the summer solstice, known as Jani. It is generally viewed as the most important Latvian holiday. Jani is celebrated on June 23 and 24. Jani night activities include the singing of special Jani songs (Ligo songs) around a ceremonial bonfire. Home-brewed beer and a special Jani caraway seed cheese are an essential part of this colorful holiday ritual.
In the 19th century the most peculiar and unique activity held in Daugavmala was Umurkumurs (huge market and festival).
During 1920s Daugavmala was popular market place. Today there is a busy street in Daugavmala. However, tourists and pedestrians can walk along the wide pavement on the very edge of the bank.