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Aerodium in RigaWho can fly?
Nearly everybody. If you are of good physical health, aged from 5 to 75 years, weighing from 20 to 140 kilograms, not taller than 2 metres, and dreaming of flying, then you are more than welcome to visit us, in order to get closer to achieving your dream.
An airborne person, not tied by any ropes or parachutes – that is FLYING in the most direct meaning of the word. The strong air flow in the wind tunnel allows you to lay on it and glide in the air. By changing the position of the body, the laws of aerodynamics will allow you to fly up, perform the most varying movements, acrobatics, and feel unbelievable emotions. Aerodium – it is a unique entertainment for those seeking new emotions, for companies of friends, families, corporate events, as well as the place for training sessions of professional athletes.
You have to drive to Sigulda direction. At 47th kilometer from Riga You need to turn right when You see the sign Aerodium 0.1 km. Park Your car in parking lot and follow to Aerodium.
Aerodium in Riga Aerodium in Riga
Address: Riga – Pleskava road, 47 kilometers from Riga
Location: 47 km outside Riga
Phone: +371 28 384 400
E-mail: sigulda@aerodium.lv

Opening hours (May 1 – September 11):
Mo., Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri.: 12:00-20:00
Sat.: 12:00-20:00
Sun.: 12:00-20:00
Mo., Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri.: from EUR 27 per 2 min
Sat., San.: from EUR 31,30 per 2 min