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Recreational park “Rāmkalni”

Address: “Vītiņkalni”, IncukalnsRāmkalni
E-mail: info@ramkalni.lv
Phone: +371 67977277
Phone: +371 29100280
Working Hours: 10:00-21:00 (every day)
Skiing track,  longest rodel track, real electro cars for small drivers, EXCITING BUNGEES, Zorbing and Latvian Zorbing, flying chair, observatory, boat and bike rent, docks for boats, bistro/pub.

EXCITING BUNGEES - Come and delude gravitation, feel the freedom of flight and jump just like that, perform back flips together with friends or relatives – it is really great fun.
Skiing track “Rāmkalni” offers two 200 m long rides from which one is very suitable for repose in family circle and other track is more suitable for sharper sense fans and snowboarders. There is several small and one large springboard.
 Rāmkalni- Zorbings  
The longest rodel track in Baltic region, it is 400m long and it has seven curves. It is safe and exciting not only for your children but also for You – mothers, grandparents and fathers…
 Rāmkalni  Rāmkalni
“Rāmkalni” offers real electro cars and real road signs with traffic lights for small drivers (until 50kg).