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WATER TOURISM IN RIGAAddress: SIA Kanāla Motorlaivu Kompānija, Riga
Boarding (every 15-20 minutes): Bastejkalns
Phone: +371 25 911 523
E-mail: info@kmk.lv
Working time (May 1 – October 31):
Mo., Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri.: 09:00-23:00
Sat.: 09:00-23:00
Sun.: 09:00-23:00
Mo.: LVL 4
Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri.: LVL 5
Sat., Sun.: LVL 6
„Riga by Canal” is a water traffic and sightseeing tourism project located in the center of the city. It is the opportunity to view the bridges of Riga city, the banks of legendary Central Market, picturesque architecture of the Old town and territory of industrial milieu Andrejosta.

One hour long ride is supplemented with entertaining audio guide in Latvian, Russian, English and Swedish.
The fleet of “Riga by Canal” consists of four wooden boats – legendary Darling, built in 1907 and renewed in recent years, and three new-built eco-boats Maria, Rebeka and Laima.
1) to rent the boats for group excursions and private parties to enjoy the ride in your convenient time;
2) restaurant tours – fast and convenient rides to the restaurants located at the left bank of the river;
3) boat rent for night rides – after 11.00 pm to enjoy special night atmosphere in the city.