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Address: Sigulda, Vidzeme road, 47 kilometers from Riga
Phone: +371 283 844 00
E-mail: sigulda@aerodium.lv
AERODIUM is the first vertical wind tunnel in Eastern Europe. The wind flow is so strong that you will be able to lie down in it and to fly without wings. The laws of aerodynamics will allow you to soar up, to perform various movements by changing the position of your body and to feel most amazing emotions.
It is safe to fly and you do not need a previous experience! An instructor will be with you during your flight, holding you above the wind flow on a safe height and, when you will relax, will fly together with you several meters high. You just need to come – we will provide all necessary equipment for flying.
Minimal time for flying is 2 minutes, but we would suggest 4 minutes to experience your flight fully.
AERODIUM is a unique entertainment to all who are looking for unbelievable emotions roused by a free flight. Flying is an unbelievable experience for families and friends, colleagues as well as a good place for practice for professional sportsmen.